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I’m sorry that Malaysian Thought had not been updated since the launch of my new site, Chaw Times… . Well, it is just that I’ve been busy managing Chaw Times.. so I didn’t have the time to check on this site. So, I want to officially announce that Malaysian Thought will not be updated anymore (at least not in the near future that is)

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Scary Experience!

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  I think today is a not very good day for me. I woke up late, around 8.45 am and I got Bioorganic Chemistry exam today..LOLz I’m late already and I didn’t even take my breakfast today! Gosh! I’m very hungry considering I didn’t cook anything last night just so that I can spend extra time studying!
  So, with an empty stomach, I embark a 1 hour and 30 minutes journey to Izmailovskaya (The place where I will be taking the exam). Fortunately, I had 3 friends that haven’t gone there yet, so I decided to tag along. (The Pushkin Incident/really had left a mark in me..) By the way, going in a group seems safer though, considering that Russia is not in a good condition for traveling nowadays…
  So, as we going, we chatted about various things (mostly academic stuff), however, we did touch stuff that best not to be talked about. Yeah, we talked about the violence incident that had been occuring near to our residence area!
To update you, recently a korean guy had just been “bombed” (molotov cocktaul). Yeah, thats what happen if you are not aware of your environment. Speaking frankly, each time I walk on the street, I would constantly looking 360 degree around me just to make sure that no one is following me or stalking me. It is better to be prepared than to be squared by them…hahaha
  Back on topic, did you remember about the Chinese peoples getting stabbed incident? I hope you do, I’ve heard that recently, the girl or lady had passed away due to her critical condition. I felt sorry for her and her family. Now, I’m feeling a bit frustrated! Why! Why! Why did you do such thing to us? (I’m referring to the mobs) Speaking of which, we did passed on the crime scene and there is still prove of the incident. Yeah, you can still see the pool of blood. Eery… I want to comment on the judiciary system in Russia, they are not as efficient as you would thought so. hmmmm….I think, they are a bit slow on their work and quite unreasonable. I still remember after went back from the hospital getting stitches for my injuries, the policeman keep bugging me and ask me all sort of question (which I didn’t understand most of them, he speaks Russian and my Russian is BAD!) Then, later at 5am like that in the morning, he came again! Thanks to him, I didn’t have a rgood sleep that night.
  Okay, enough about me, back to the story. Everything was fine until we arrived at Izmailovskaya. At first, my friend tripped and fell down (blame the icy road that make the street so difficult to navigate! hehe..) The horror (not so horror maybe) starts here, we were walking in group of four ( 1 guy and 3 girl, and yes, that’s me the 1 guy). Right in fromt of us, there is a group of three Russian ppl (teenagers or young adult? I can’t decide^^) 2 guys and i girl. The guys are holding ehemm…what else? Yup, alcohol! Which I hate very much! Urgh…Felt like puking already! As soon as we get a bit near to them, the guys start to stare at us (Honestly speaking, I was thinking about what if the incident happens again?) Then, you know what happen? Before they start to “bark” at us, 2 of my friends fled away. Thus leaving me and my “girl” friend (not that ****friend) hahaha….
  Haha, woo….I felt so scared at that times..TSilly me, still walking sklowly beside them, like I was offering my head to be hit by them. Yeah, they did took the “offer” and practically hit my head! (the barely missed the stitch and I quickly ran away afterwards) Safe! But… I left my friend behind! Oh dear, turning my head behind, I saw her running and nearly fell down. Thank God she managed to flee from them, and as we running away from them, they shouted something in Russian which is ****, better not write it in here^^. (it for your own good, hehe…)
When we got far enough, we stopped to catch our breath. Just as the second sip of oxygen comes in, we heard them shouting again and decided to run away again. Now, we fled directly into the Bioorganic Chemistry building (which is our haven of safety and prison of examTT)
  We, being among the last people to arrive, managed to take the exam without getting scold from the lecturer^^ Thank goodness! The question were quite easy but I didn’t pass it with flying colours though! I only got 6 correct out of 10 question! This makes me feel quite down and I want to do better in the coming oral test! Wish me luck! Thanks for reading^^

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SHINee – Replay (Noona, You’re so Pretty)

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This video featuring SHINee comprising of 5 rising and hot teenage boys age from 15 – 19 in AMIGO!

Girl’s Generation – Gee

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Girl’s Generation is a K-pop group of 9 girls singer from South Korea

Wacky Clip from Tohoshinki^^ Mirotic

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Problem with Chaw Times

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Currently, I’m having some problem updating ChawTimes and exam is drawing near. So, until the problem is fixed and the exam is over, Chaw Times will not be back online. Till then, MalaysianThought will fill in the space left by Chaw Times. Sorry for the inconvenient. P/S Any Food and Travel related post will not be posted in MalaysianThought as mentioned in my earlier post. Again, sorry for the inconvenient. I will make up for this in the future.

Yours sincerely,

Breaking News!

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An exact 10 days after my incident, another incident (however, much more worser than mine) had happened again. This time, it involve 2 Chinese guys and 1 Chinese lady from China. The horrendous part about that is that all three of them had fallen victim by the same 3 person culprits although they travel in group of three. The worst part is they had been stabbed! When I was told about this, I felt like my heart had stopped beating for a while. I can’t help thinking why we were attacked and what are their purpose for attacking us. I also can’t help being thnakful to God for giving me His grace 10 days ago, so that I was only beaten and get skin injuries. I pray that the three of them will be alright and as I write this post, they are heading to the nearest hospital in an ambulance to get immediate treatment. I pray that God is with them and no more incident such as this will happen again in the future. Amen

Transition To New Site* Updated

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I finally made up my mind to host my own site. My food blog in WordPress will be transitioning into my new domain and I will no longer update this blog regarding to food and stuff. However, any important news which is inconvenient to be posted in will be posted here. I will keep you updated. Thank you for your support.

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Finally, I’m found the coveted remix of Zza Zza La! song^^
Hope u enjoy~~

B@d LuCk 4 Th!s Year!!

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Walao eh! I guess this is my worse year of bad luck  in my life!

U know wat?! Recently, I got `Punk~` by Russian Mobs, then now, my Bioorganic Chemistry Lecturer is mad at me….TT

Don’t know why d…TT

At first, I was doing my test paper regarding the Kontrol work (exam paper) No. 2 regarding aldehydes and ketones, carboxylic acids and their derivatives adn the heterofunctional substance. It got a total of 5 questions and when I finally finish 3 of them and start to do the  4th question, my lecturer suddenly snap the paper from me and immeadiately slide it into his desk and said: “Next Time.” Har?! That is the shortest explanation that I’ve ever heard from a person who suddenly disrupt and destroy all my hard work.TT

Now, feeling sad and a little bit of bitterness, I try to find what did I do to deserve that. However, none came up into mind. I just hope that it is not because of some misunderstanding and etc….lolz

Whatever……Now, I’m feeling much better and I look forward to the retest on this 8 Jan ( if possible) or just wait for 12 Jan…The sooner the better^^

okie, Today I’m making Steamed Banana Cake and I will post the pic and recipe in the next post~~

Pls  be patient ^^